The use of new replica watches materials and the

The use of new replica watches materials and the space age in advanced watches is always fun as a spectator, but it will be much more appreciated when their practical benefits can soon be harnessed in watches that a wider segment can enjoy. This is rarely the case, but one watch that piqued my interest in this way was the Panerai LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 Days PAM 700 (featured here). With a selection of carbon compounds and low-friction components that function without any liquid lubrication, the result is a watch that guarantees 50 years of service without maintenance. There is no way to know if the warranty is valid, but it is limited to 50 pieces in production. I can't imagine that 50 Panerai enthusiasts and collectors, also known as "Paneristis", wouldn't want to conduct this long-term experiment with the brand.

In addition to Panerai BMG-TECH, which focuses on the use of sophisticated and high-tech materials, Panerai LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 days PAM 700 demonstrates the capabilities of the Laboratory for Ideas (LAB-ID), which acts as a research and development department of Panerai and Neuch√Ętel. Like some of the previous Panerai watches (like this Luminor Submersible 1950), the watch uses a material called Carbotech that works both functionally and aesthetically. While I can't deny the use of carbon composites for their mechanical advantage, I can't overlook how well the deeply shaded layers of Carbotech interact with the bright blue dial and Panerai crystal contained here.

There are four innovations that Panerai used to develop replica watches uk its P.3001 / C caliber from a series of tiles and bridges made entirely from tantalum-based ceramic, eliminating the need for lubricants. This oil-free concept also transitions into DLC-coated silicon emission, which is second on the list of innovations. Third, with the type of ceramics and DLC usage we see here, Panerai has eliminated the need for traditional jewelry. As a result, the movement only uses four DLC-coated jewels, eliminating the need for lubrication of the Incabloc shock absorber system. Finally, the two spring cylinders also work without grease or oil and this with a multi-layer coating and a final layer of DLC.

It is true that the concept of low friction without oil is nothing new in watchmaking. In 2007 Jaeger-LeCoultre released Extreme LAB, followed by Master Compressor Extreme Lab 2, another watch that could run without lubrication for its entire duration. The same goes for a watch like the Cartier ID Two Concept, which we talked about earlier. What these parts lacked was the 50 year warranty, and while the Cartier concept remained a concept, the JLC was designed to grab attention and reflect its "overdeveloped" attitude both inside and out. However, this rolex replica Panerai isn't that much different from any other watch they make, except for the use of blue and other subtle suggestions. I like the fact that it's a watch that you can apparently wear every day for 50 years without feeling confident - if you have wrists like Sylvester Stallone, it is.

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